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A flood damage restoration professional will fully dry any items that can be saved after a flood.

Will I Have to Throw Out Everything After a Flood?

Will I Have to Throw Out Everything After a Flood?

“Will I have to throw out everything after suffering a flood?” This is a commonly asked question homeowners have after experiencing a flood or severe water damage. And the answer is that it depends. If your home recently suffered a flood, you need to contact a flood damage restoration company to get things back in order.

Here’s what you need to know about flood damage restoration, including what, if anything, can be saved.

Can Your Stuff Be Saved After a Flood?

Let’s start with the big question: can your stuff be saved after a flood? As briefly stated above, the answer is that it depends on several factors.

If the flood only affected your first floor, for example, then you don’t have to throw out anything on the second floor. Just because floodwaters get inside doesn’t always mean everything you own is at risk.

This brings us to our next point, which is whether or not what is affected can be fully dried. Floodwaters are typically severe. When they occur, they will saturate whatever is in their path. However, that doesn’t mean everything will be ruined.

Carpets, fabric furniture, and curtains, for example, may be able to be saved if they can be fully dried. If they can be dried and disinfected, then they can be saved. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for items that get ruined by water. Paper products, paintings, books – those kinds of things will likely need to be thrown out if they’re saturated.

How Does Flood Damage Restoration Work?

So what happens when you hire a flood damage restoration company? Upon their arrival, technicians will assess the damage so they can determine the best methods of treating it. Generally, the first step involves removing all the water.

Once the water is removed, items that can’t be salvaged will be bagged up and discarded. Items that can be saved will be dried, as will the rooms themselves. During the drying process, dehumidifiers will be plugged in to grab excess moisture in the air. This will combat further mold growth. Unfortunately, your home already has some mold. This is because mold develops in as little as 24 hours after water damage. Since floodwaters are bound to sit for longer than 24 hours, this growth has probably already happened.

Thankfully, dehumidifiers can help stop the spread. Other items in your home will be addressed, too, including floorboards and drywall. If they can be saved, they will be. If they need to be replaced, they will be.

In total, the flood damage restoration process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. It really depends on the severity. If you need flood damage restoration help, the team at REDi can help.

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