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When Should I Seek Water Damage Restoration Help?

When Should I Seek Water Damage Restoration Help?

Did you recently experience water damage? If so, you might be wondering when you should seek water restoration help. The answer is: right away! This is because water damage can quickly lead to mold. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the water restoration process. 

What is Water Restoration?

Water restoration is the process of removing water, drying out the area, and discarding anything that’s damaged. This is a basic overview of what water restoration entails. 

When you experience water damage, you’re usually dealing with overwhelming damage. In the case of a flood, for example, it’s not uncommon for many structures and areas to be affected. This includes your drywall, floorboards, and furniture. 

Your technician will remove loose items like furniture. However, they will also remove parts of the wall and floor that have been damaged by water. Often, water contains bacteria that can seep into porous materials like these. As a result, they have to be torn away so they’re not a threat to your health. 

Once the water is removed and the damaged items hauled away, your tech will disinfect the area. Cleaning the area is imperative to remove harmful bacteria. Once cleaned, it’s time to dry everything out. This is usually the longest part of water restoration. 

How Long Does Water Restoration Take? 

Generally speaking, the water restoration process will take anywhere between two and three weeks. This includes the drying process, which, on average, takes about three to four days to complete. 

Keep in mind that this timeframe is a rough estimate. The time it takes to restore your home will depend on the severity of the water damage. Smaller jobs, like a water heater leak or damage caused by a storm, may take two to three weeks. Floods, on the other hand, may take longer if your entire first level was ruined. 

If you have questions about how long water restoration services will take, reach out to our team at REDi. 

What Should I Replace After Water Damage? 

After water damage, you’re going to want to replace any and all porous material. These items are the most likely to hold harmful bacteria. 

Remember, you’ll want to dispose of anything that’s been submerged in water. Fungi such as mold can develop on these items in as little as 24 hours following water exposure. The sooner you treat water damage, the better. 

Do You Need Quality Water Restoration Services? Call the Team at REDi!

Water damage can happen so unexpectedly. Whether it’s a flood or a ceiling leak, water damage is no picnic to deal with. 

If you need help, you can find comfort in the fact that help is just a call away! At REDi, we’re always here and ready to treat water damage. Big or small – it doesn’t matter. What does matter to us, though, is that your home is safe to live in. 

Water can hold dangerous toxins. If left untreated, it can lead to mold. With water restoration from REDi, you can combat both. Give us a call at 707-566-0315. 


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