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Did your home suffer a flood? If so, call the flood damage restoration team at REDi for help.

What You Should Expect After a Flood

What You Should Expect After a Flood

Sometimes a flood is just unavoidable. When it occurs, you need to have a flood damage restoration team on standby. But why? 

Simply put, a flood damage restoration team will clean up the mess. Keep reading to learn more about what you should expect after a flood. 

Do You Have to Hire a Flood Damage Restoration Professional?

Generally speaking, yes, you will have to hire a professional. Flood damage is often severe. Even as little as one inch of water can damage your floorboards and other structures in the house. If you have a lot of water, it’s also going to take forever to remove it yourself. 

Because of the severity floods cause, it’s recommended that you hire a professional. 

What to Expect During the Flood Damage Restoration Process

A flood can destroy parts of your property within seconds. Furthermore, you’re likely to experience mold growth in as little as 24-48 hours after a flood. This is why calling a professional as soon as the flood occurs is paramount. It can keep damage from getting worse. 

Once your technician arrives at your property, they will remove the water from the premises. Then, they will remove anything that’s been damaged in the flood. This includes everything from drywall and carpeting to furniture and books. 

The longer water-damaged items sit in your home, the more likely they are to develop mold. Furthermore, they make it easier for the room to hold moisture. Once everything is properly bagged and removed from the property, they will work to remove humidity from the air. This is often done with a dehumidifier. 

Removing moisture from the air slows down mold growth and helps the room dry out faster. Depending on the damage, this could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. In addition to these steps, your technician will also thoroughly sanitize the affected areas. This step is crucial to protecting your health. 

Unlike traditional water damage caused by an overflowing tub or sink, flood damage is very dangerous. It often contains chemicals and other toxins that can lead to gastrointestinal infections like e.Coli. 

How Long Does Flood Damage Restoration Take? 

The answer is that it depends on the damage. Sometimes, flood damage could be from a leaky water heater in the basement. In cases like this, you can expect flood damage repair to take a handful of days. 

If your home was affected by a major flood, then it could take weeks to get it back to normal. Regardless of how long it takes, hiring the right company can make all the difference. 

Call REDi for Your Flood Damage Restoration Needs

Was your home damaged in a flood? If so, call the flood damage restoration team at REDi for help! We know how to treat flood damage safely and efficiently. Call us at (707) 566-0315 for emergency flood damage restoration services. With REDi, you’re always in good hands…even when the worst-case scenario happens. 


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