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Water damage can occur on any commercial or residential property and requires quick action to alleviate further issues. In a business, water damage can cause shutdowns, which can decrease profit margins or put you out of business for good if not addressed quickly. In your home, life can be impaired due to water contamination and improper plumbing systems.

That’s why for both homes and businesses, a local water damage restoration team from REDi is ready to help you reclaim your property after water damage!

When it comes to water damage restoration, specialized restoration efforts will be necessary depending on the scope of damage to your property. At REDi, our step-by-step water damage restoration process ensures that all hazards are handled. Our trained and certified technicians can create the right action plan to remediate damage, restore and repair broken plumbing systems, extract excess water, dry out your property, and return it to a safe environment.

When disaster strikes in the form of destructive water damage, be ready with the help of the experts at REDi!

water damage

Water Damage Basics

There are many reasons you may need a water damage restoration team from REDi. Damage can occur due to natural forces as well as internal factors on your property. Some of the most common natural causes of water damage include sudden shifts in weather patterns, increased or heavy rainfall, tropical storms, hurricanes, and flooding. Sometimes multiple factors work together to create even more damage to your property. Internal factors that might lead to water damage on your property include aging plumbing systems, sewage backups, burst pipes, tree roots overgrown into plumbing lines, and improper disposal of household waste items. These are just a few of the many potential causes. Therefore, the best way to alleviate water damage in your home or business is to stay on top of regular maintenance, report any concerns to a plumbing professional, and fix water damage problems as soon as they arise. These measures might not be able to completely prevent water damage, but they can lessen its impact if it does occur.

Water Damage Risks

Water damage also comes with numerous potential hazards. Risks will vary depending on the type and scope of water damage on your property. Safety issues including health complications can arise from contact with contaminated water. Water contamination can include human or animal waste, other bodily fluids, bacteria, and viruses. These microscopic beings can cause minor and major health conditions leading to hospitalization or terminal illness.

Furthermore, water damage can cause severe structural integrity issues. For instance, when your home’s foundation is compromised due to serious flooding and erosion, it could be at risk of sloping or collapse. The same principles apply to any business property.

It’s important to follow the guidelines issued by emergency personnel and professional water damage experts to avoid injury, health complications, or further property damage. REDi is here to help with 24/7 emergency water damage restoration services!


Water Damage and Mold Spores

Another important factor to consider is the danger of mold spores establishing colonies on your property. In both residential and commercial settings, there are several hiding places where mold can easily make its home.

Mold loves humid, dark, and moist spots, so any place water damage or excessive moisture has accumulated is at risk of mold colonies. Furthermore, mold spores can travel through air vents and move to other regions on your property, hiding behind surfaces such as insulation, walls, and ceilings, and they can spread quickly.

To avoid mold growth, proper water damage restoration measures are an absolute necessity.


Water Damage Restoration Services

REDi takes great pride in our comprehensive water damage restoration services. We provide 24/7 emergency water damage restoration so you always get the help you need ASAP!

We currently offer a wide range of commercial and residential water damage restoration services to tackle all types of damage. Whatever the cause or degree of water damage you have sustained, we can help with fast, reliable, and affordable services. We promise to even return and do the job for free if you are ever unsatisfied with our service.

These are our primary water damage services:

At REDi, we extract water from your property and then initiate detailed remediation efforts, repair issues, dry out your property, implement mold prevention measures, then clean and disinfect the area for your safety.

REDi Professionals

If your property has water damage, don’t sit back and become the victim of further hazards. Instead, take action with the help of the professional water damage restoration team at REDi. We offer 24/7 emergency water damage restoration service with a quick response window. Furthermore, we work directly with clients and their properties to create a tailored action plan to alleviate further property damage.

At REDi, we work directly with business owners and homeowners of all types of properties. We even offer realtors and construction management individuals services to help them prep properties for remodeling or the housing market. Learn more about us today and give us a call to get started with your restoration needs!

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