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Understanding the Process: Water Damage Restoration Explained

Understanding the Process: Water Damage Restoration Explained

We all know that water damage can strike at the most unexpected and inconvenient times. Whether it’s from a natural disaster, a plumbing failure, or some other event, it leaves behind extensive damage that we have to contend with. Hiring professional water damage restoration is critical to recovering from such an event. Our crews can help to mitigate damages and restore your property.

Learn more about the process below!

Step 1: Initial Contact and Assessment for Water Damage Restoration

Most companies that provide water damage services are available for you 24/7. We get that water damage isn’t planned, and it’s so important to get help right away.

Your first step is to stop the water if you can safely do so. Immediately after that, call a restoration team that will respond quickly. When the team arrives, they will have the proper equipment and can get right to work.

The team’s first step is to assess the situation. They will consider safety, the best approach, and the extent of damage.

 Step 2: Water Extraction and Removal

Next, it is essential to start removing excess water as quickly as possible. Getting standing water out allows for further evaluation to determine what has to be repaired, replaced, or restored. Our teams use specialty equipment to quickly remove all standing water from the space.

While water is being extracted, items that are salvageable are protected and moved aside for cleaning or restoration.

Step 3: Drying and Dehumidification

This is probably one of the most important steps before any repairs can be made. Even when standing water is out, there is a lot of remaining moisture to take care of. Mold can begin to grow in moisture within 24-48 hours.

First, industrial-grade air movers and dehumidifiers are strategically placed to remove excess moisture from walls, floors, and other materials. The drying process is closely monitored, and equipment is moved as needed throughout the process.

Thermal imaging allows us to ensure total dryness and determine where we may need to focus the equipment.

Step 4: Cleaning and Sanitizing

Once everything is dry, we can start cleaning. Sanitization is important even if this was clean water. Specialized cleaning solutions are used to help remove dirt, debris, and any other contaminants. Antimicrobial treatments help to prevent mold or bacterial growth.

Step 5: Water Damage Restoration

There are many steps leading up to the final restoration, and they are all very important. In some cases, a property owner can get away with minor repairs. This includes things like replacing drywall and cleaning carpets.

Some water damage scenarios require major repairs. This includes severe damage, structural repairs, and more. From damaged walls, floors, and roofs to addressing electrical and plumbing issues, it is an all-inclusive approach.

Additional Considerations

There are some additional things to do outside of the steps to restoration and recovery. Let’s go over a few of these things.

  • Insurance and documentation: Many water damage scenarios mean working with insurance. Professional companies also take this on and will provide the comprehensive documentation that the insurance company requires.
  • Preventative measures: Take the steps to implement preventative measures to avoid this happening again in the future. You cannot prevent everything, but proper drainage, sump pumps, sealing of cracks, and preparing your plumbing systems go a long way to help.

Count on REDi for Water Damage Restoration

When water damage happens, just know that you don’t have to face it alone. It’s a complex process with a lot of different moving parts. Water damage needs immediate and professional attention to help mitigate damages and recover from the mess.

Call REDi Construction and Restoration right away for professional support and restoration for your water damage scenario.

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