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Did your couch suffer water damage? If so, upholstery cleaning may be able to save it.

Upholstery Cleaning After Water Damage: Reviving Your Furniture

After your home suffers water damage, you will likely want to invest in upholstery cleaning services. Not only can water damage affect any area of the house, but so can the mold it attracts. Mold is likely to develop within 24 hours of water exposure. Even worse, mold survives on almost every type of surface imaginable.

If your home recently battled water damage, here’s what you need to know about upholstery cleaning. This includes whether or not it can revive your furniture.

Can Fabric Furniture Be Saved from Water Damage?

Before we dive into what upholstery cleaning can do, let’s first answer this commonly asked question. The answer to “Can my fabric furniture be saved from water damage” is that it depends.

The good news is that upholstered items have better luck in being remedied than wooden or leather furniture. For example, when exposed to water damage, wooden furniture can quickly warp. This warping makes it more difficult to save. The same can be said of leather, which can crack.

Fabric items, on the other hand, are often easier to treat after water damage. Why? Because there are more methods available to treat it than there are other materials.

How Upholstery Cleaning Can Save Water-Damaged Furniture

When it comes to treating water-soaked fabrics, your tech will first inspect the damage. This usually involves analyzing what kind of water damage it is.

If the type of water is toxic, such as floodwaters, any furniture affected by it will probably have to be thrown away. Otherwise, if kept, it’ll lead to mold and other health hazards.

If the type of water it suffered can be treated, they will determine the proper cleaning methods. In many cases, this involves using hot water to remove bacteria. It may also involve removing materials to clean underneath them so mold doesn’t grow from the inside out.

The correct course of action will be discussed and determined during this initial inspection. At this time, we encourage you to ask as many questions as you’d like. We understand that the idea of having to throw out items you love can be difficult, so if something of yours can be saved, we will do what we can to save it.

How Long Does Upholstery Cleaning Take?

Answering this question depends on how many items are damaged and the severity of the damage. However, most upholstery cleaning can take about an hour per item.

How Often Should I Invest in Upholstery Cleaning?

If your home suffers water damage, you should invest in upholstery cleaning as soon as possible to save it.

However, once your items have been properly cleaned, you don’t have to make another upholstery cleaning appointment for about 12 to 18 months. Remember, fabric items can easily get stained from everyday use. They also hold in foul odors, such as body odor and pet dander. Getting them properly cleaned every year or so can keep them looking and smelling fresh.

Did Your Home Suffer Water Damage? Call the Upholstery Cleaning Crew from REDi to Save Your Couch and Other Upholstered Items!

Don’t handle upholstery cleaning yourself. The team at REDi has years of experience treating severe cases of stains and water damage from upholstered beds, couches, and chairs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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