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Is your attic warmer than usual? If so, it might be mold. A mold remediation company can help.

Top 4 Signs That Your Attic Has Mold

Top 4 Signs That Your Attic Has Mold

Chances are, if you’re like most homeowners, you don’t spend a ton of time in your attic. It’s because of this that you’re unlikely to catch mold at the onset. Mold is a serious and costly problem. If you have any of these signs, call a mold remediation company ASAP.

1. Black or Fuzzy Spots

The most common sign of attic mold is the physical mold itself. Household mold is usually black. These black spots are typically grouped together. In some cases, homeowners may falsely believe that the spots are dirt. However, if they can’t be wiped away, it’s not dirt; it’s mold.

Keep in mind that mold comes in other shades, too. These other colors include red, pink, orange, green, and gray. The mold can be fuzzy, too. A good rule of thumb is if it looks out of place, it probably is.

2. It’s Hot

Heat rises. So, it’s not surprising that your attic is one of the hottest rooms in the house. This is especially true if it’s used for storage and doesn’t get a lot of ventilation.

However, if the space feels unusually warmer than normal, take notice. This is likely a sign of mold.

Mold needs moisture and humidity to grow and spread. This makes your attic prime real estate. While mold doesn’t cause a humid attic, one that’s hotter than normal is likely to create a good environment for it to grow. That is, if it hasn’t already.

The good news about a hot attic is you may be able to catch mold in its infancy stages. Catching it early can save you a lot of money down the line.

3. Your Wooden Beams Have Water Stains

Did you recently notice water stains on your wooden beams? If so, you should also look for mold.

Even if you’re not regularly using it, your attic can still experience water damage from ceiling leaks. When these occur, it can quickly lead to the development of mold. In fact, mold grows in as little as 24 hours after water damage.

Unfortunately, small water leaks are very easy to miss. As a result, you may not discover mold until the damage is already severe. Always visit your attic after a rainstorm to ensure there are no water leaks. If there are, tend to it right away to fend off the mold.

4. Rot

Are your attic’s floorboards rotted? What about the walls? The ceiling tiles? If anything is rotted, you can surely blame it on mold.

Mold is so damaging because it can survive on almost any surface. This includes wood, wallpaper, paint, drywall, and fabric. This ability to adapt makes mold all the more dangerous.

While you should also look out for foul odors, rotting should be right up with it.

Do You Suspect Mold in Your Attic? Call the Mold Remediation Team at REDi!

At REDi, we are always ready to tackle any type of mold problem. Big or small, we’ve got it under control. Contact us today to set up a mold remediation appointment.

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