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Did your home suffer water damage? If so, call a water damage restoration professional to prevent mold growth.

Top 3 Causes of Water Damage in Santa Rosa

Top 3 Causes of Water Damage in Santa Rosa

There are many things you can expect to happen when you own a house. And unfortunately, water damage can be one of them. When it occurs, you need a skilled water damage restoration company to help.

A water damage restoration company will treat the damage so your home can return to normal. This includes taking preventative measures to prevent mold growth. If you’re a homeowner in Santa Rosa, it’s wise to get acquainted with the common causes of water damage. Keep reading to learn what they are.

1. Storms and Leaks

Leaks caused by rainstorms are one of the most common causes of water damage in Santa Rosa.

The city of Santa Rosa only gets about 30” of rain per year, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it can’t cause damage.

In most cases, the way a storm causes water damage comes down to two things. The first is a clogged gutter. Your home’s gutters are designed to move water away from your home. If it’s clogged, this process can’t happen. The result is water spilling over the edge of the gutter and into your basement.

The second related cause comes down to whether your roof’s shingles are damaged. The more damaged shingles are, the easier it is for a leak to occur. The good news is that these common causes of damage can usually be prevented!

2. Burst Pipes

There’s a common misperception that burst pipes only occur during the winter season. However, temps in Santa Rosa rarely get to the level where a burst pipe is possible.

…or is it?

Contrary to popular myth, pipes can burst at any time, even during warm weather. It can be caused by shifting soil and tree roots, age, or just normal wear and tear. When they occur, they can result in lots of water damage in your kitchen and bathroom. However, they can also occur behind walls. If you suffered a burst pipe, get help as soon as possible!

3. Floods

Though floods are typically rare in California, they can still occur. After all, Santa Rosa is less than an hour from the Pacific Ocean!

Whether the flood is the result of a natural disaster or your upstairs neighbor has a plumbing issue and the water seeps down into your apartment, cleaning up after them requires a professional.

Natural floodwaters are some of the most dangerous types of water out there. They contain animal and human waste and other toxins. A professional will not only get the water out of your house, but they’ll disinfect your home, too.

Did Your Santa Rosa Home Suffer Water Damage? Get the Water Damage Restoration Help You Need from REDi!

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