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When fire damage occurs on your property, the aftermath produces many consequential factors, including smoke odor damage. Smoke damage from a recent fire can be just as damaging – and sometimes more damaging – as the initial fire. Two types of damage, primary and secondary, often vary and are related to the type and degree of fire.

Unfortunately, removing smoke odor damage is a particularly difficult thing to tackle without professional intervention. Since removing smoke odor is challenging, professional smoke odor removal services are often required to truly eliminate harmful smoke residue, fumes, and odors from your property.

That’s why for both homes and businesses, your local smoke odor removal team at REDi is ready 24/7 to help with the persistent smoke odors on your property!

After a fire has occurred, give us a call. Our specialized restoration technicians will assess the type of fire and smoke damage you sustained. Then we’ll create the right action plan to eliminate and reduce smoke odor and residue at your home or business. At REDi, we use proven step-by-step smoke odor removal methods and industrialized equipment to extract smoke odors from their source safely and quickly.

When disaster strikes, be ready with the help of the experts at REDi!


Smoke Odor Basics

During a fire, flames cause initial damage, which is referred to as primary damage. However, other types of property damage happen in the aftermath of a fire, including smoke damage. These damages are usually categorized as secondary damage. In most fires, smoke damage is inevitable, even in smaller fires. Since fires produce smoke odors, smoke damage is a direct result of a recent fire on your property. However, the degree of smoke damage will depend on what type of fire occurred, how long it burned, and what materials are present on your property.

The Dangers of Smoke Odors

All types of fires produce hazardous smoke fumes, but some are even more dangerous to your health and wellbeing. For instance, chemical fires produce extremely harmful smoke fumes during a fire. These fumes are not only dangerous because of the smoke inhalation itself, but also because they contain harmful chemical residue.

In the aftermath of a fire, the residues in smoke fumes can settle on surfaces in your home, penetrating layers and becoming harder to eliminate. Over time, the odors can increase and spread to other areas of your home if not properly eliminated and treated. As a result, serious health complications may arise, including respiratory conditions, asthma, allergies, coughing, sneezing, and even heart conditions.


Where Smoke Odors Settle

When smoke odor accumulates in your home, it reaches everywhere. This means removing smoke odors from your home isn’t as simple as air purification measures. Smoke can travel through air vents and HVAC systems to areas of the home where the initial fire did not even occur. Smoke odor removal is a targeted approach to removing odors from every region of your property.

Many areas and personal belongings will likely be affected by smoke odors and residue and need to be treated accordingly. Possible affected property might include walls, ceiling, carpeting and rugs, flooring, drapery, upholstered furniture, wallpaper and paint, decorative pieces, and clothing.

Many of these things can be salvaged, restored, and treated for smoke odor removal, depending on the nature of the fire. However, some items will need to be replaced or discarded for your safety, especially if they come into contact with harsh chemicals or flammable substances.


Smoke Odor Removal Services

REDi takes great pride in our detailed-oriented and comprehensive smoke odor removal services. We offer these services as part of our 24/7 emergency services package for both residential and commercial properties. When disaster strikes, get the smoke odor control and removal services you need ASAP!

At REDi, our smoke odor removal process is tailored to the unique factors of your situation. We understand that no two instances of fire and smoke damage are the same. That’s why our commercial and residential smoke door removal process follows a detailed structure and is tweaked to the needs of your situation.

During our process, we’ll first meet with you to assess the damage on your property, get important information about the fire, and interview fire responders as necessary. Using this information and conducting a detailed initial inspection of your property helps us find the best way to tackle smoke odor removal.

Then, using industrialized odor removal equipment, we target areas of your property where smoke odors have saturated surfaces and accumulated within your property. Learn more about our smoke odor removal services by visiting our website today.

REDi Professionals

When a fire strikes your property, be prepared to encounter unwanted smoke odors and residue. Luckily, you can be ready with REDi 24/7 smoke odor removal services. We offer services for both residential and commercial property owners of all types. We also work closely with local construction management and realtors to restore homes and remove odors. Give us a call to get started with your restoration needs!

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