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Tile & grout cleaning can make your bathroom and kitchen look new again!

Revitalize Your Home: The Importance of Tile & Grout Cleaning

Revitalize Your Home: The Importance of Tile & Grout Cleaning

You likely already know how hard it can be to keep your tile and grout clean. However, have you ever wondered why that is? Though tile can get dirty from dust and exposure to foot traffic, grout is a porous material; this means that it can easily absorb dirt, water, and other contaminants. Professional tile & grout cleaning makes all the difference in protecting your floors!

Thinking about hiring a professional? Here’s everything you need to know about tile & grout cleaning.

Why Does It Matter If Your Tile and Grout Are Dirty?

As briefly mentioned above, your tile and grout can be dirtied quite easily. Even if not from foot traffic and spills, tile backsplashes can fall victim to grease, smoke, and so much more. Grout, specifically, is what makes tiles look dirty.

Grout is made from cement and other compounds. Since cement is porous (like a sponge), it gets dirty with dust, spills, and other debris if it’s not properly sealed. Even if it is sealed, these contaminants can rest on top of the sealant, making your tiles look dirtier than they are. Professional tile & grout cleaning breathes new life into them.

What to Expect During Your Tile & Grout Cleaning Appointment

Upon scheduling an appointment for tile and grout cleaning, you might be wondering: What should I expect? 

Before getting started, your technician will inspect your floor to determine its condition and what needs to be done. Then, before the cleaning process begins, any loose debris will be removed. In most cases, a hot water extraction method will be used. This method provides a deep clean to your tile and grout without harming the existing sealant. In total, this process shouldn’t take more than an hour.

If your sealant is at the end of its shelf life, a new sealant may be added to preserve the shine. Most sealants last about five years with proper maintenance and regular cleaning. All the more reason to schedule that tile & grout cleaning appointment! It could save you money!

How to Prep for Your Grout Cleaning Appointment

Before your appointment, there are a few things you should do. First, remove any items that could be in the way. For example, if you have plants displayed on your tile floor, you’ll want to get them out of the way. Basically, make sure that the area that’s going to be cleaned is clear.

Then, you’re going to want to sweep, mop, or vacuum. Though your tech will be doing a deep clean, the better they’re able to see the floor to see its condition, the faster the appointment will be.

If you need to hire a professional to come out and clean your tile and grout, the team at REDi can help.

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