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Realtors and property managers have a lot on their plates every day. If you are a realtor or a property manager who finds yourself overwhelmed with the sheer amount of prep, cleaning, staging, and repairs that are often necessary to prepare a property for the market, we can help.

At REDi, we offer comprehensive services tailored to realtors and property managers of all types of properties. We work fast to provide the cleaning, repair, and restoration services you require to prepare properties for the market or staging events. When it comes to affordable and reliable service you can count on, call REDi.

If you are interested in any of our property management or realtor-focused services, don’t wait. Give us a call today to begin your free consultation process. Alternatively, you can explore our website to learn more about all of our specialty and emergency services and see pricing options.


Realtor & Property Manager Services We Offer

Realtors and property managers are responsible for preparing homes, apartment complexes, business locations, and other types of property for the market. This sometimes goes above and beyond staging the scene to include last-minute repairs and sometimes unexpected restoration efforts.

REDi’s team of repair, restoration, and cleaning technicians offers specialists in multiple areas to aid realtors and property managers alike. Read on to learn more about the services we provide for realtors and property management professionals.


Other Services We Offer Realtors and Property Managers

At REDi, we offer even more affordable services for realtors and property owners. These services include our comprehensive water and mold damage restoration services, smoke/CO2 alarm installation and inspection, electrical and plumbing repairs, and HVAC cleaning services.

One of the most common services realtors and property management professionals seek from the REDi team are make-ready and move-out cleaning services. These are offered as one of our specialty cleaning services; they provide a detail-oriented approach to preparing homes or other builds for the housing market. When a homeowner hires a realtor to prepare their home and moves out, there is still much to be done before the house can be shown to potential buyers.

Even the cleanest of homeowners might be surprised at the amount of dust, debris, and clutter remaining on their property after they have moved out. That’s because it’s the hidden spots behind furniture, underneath rugs, etc. that become extra dirty. Make-ready and move-out cleaning services take the burden off realtors’ shoulders, handling the hassle of last-minute deep cleaning to prepare homes for the market.

At REDi, we are also happy to help with all painting needs. Good painting takes attention to detail, the right equipment, precision, and dedication. All you have to do is choose the painting style and colors you want, tell us where you want the painting completed, and we can handle the rest. We hire professional painters who will do the job right the first time to help expedite your housing or property preparations.

We can also handle flooring repairs on all types of flooring across any type of property. From cracked tile to worn-out hardwood, our experts work fast to repair any damage that could slow down the process of selling a property. We also work with carpeting to alleviate discoloration, marring, threadbare patches, and stretching.

REDi is also here to help install vanities, mirrors, light fixtures and so much more before your property hits the market. If you are a property manager, we help you stay on top of repairs and upgrades with new fixtures. Just give us a call when you have any new addition that needs to be installed. 

If you need any caulking redone on a property you own, manage, or are getting ready to sell, the professionals at REDi can help. We re-caulk with fresh beaded caulking around sinks, tubs, and showers. We can match the right type of caulking for any bathroom or kitchen space to ensure a long-lasting seal and reduce long-term cracking.

REDi is also your go-to team for remodeling any area of properties you manage or sell. We specialize in bathroom and kitchen remodels that update properties, freshen living spaces, and give you a better return on initial investments!

If you are handling a property with a severe nicotine odor, we have professional odor removal services tailored to your needs. Nicotine odors are pungent and can’t simply be masked or removed with regular cleaning. Specialized industrial equipment and odor removal strategies are required to eliminate nicotine odors from surfaces within a property. When it comes to tackling stubborn nicotine odors, hire the seasoned professionals at REDi to give any property a fresher environment!

Pets can be another source of strong and persistent odors. Luckily, the pet odor removal team at REDi is even stronger when it comes to techniques, training, and cleaning methods employed for removing pet odors. Urine and feces odors, for instance, are often more than just surface issues. Often linked with pet stains deep within carpet fibers or upholstery surfaces, pet odors can be tackled with the right pet odor removal solutions. Contact us to learn more about all of our pet odor removal solutions today!

REDi also offers realtors and property managers numerous crawl space services. For all your crawl space needs, give us a call and meet with one of our seasoned professionals. They will help you determine what work needs to be completed in your crawl space areas to repair, restore, and make the property ready for the market.

REDi Professionals

Are you a realtor or property manager, you can learn more about all of our services for realtors and property managers by getting in touch today. We would be happy to meet with you, discuss your needs, and offer a free consultation on-site anytime!  Contact us today!

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