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Did your home recently suffer water damage? If so, proper odor removal can help get rid of that infamous musky smell.

Odor Removal Techniques After Water and Mold Damage

Odor Removal Techniques After Water and Mold Damage

Water damage leads to a lot of things, one of the biggest being foul odors. Between that wet-dog smell and mold, water damage leaves a lot to be desired for homeowners who just want to keep their spaces clean. Thankfully, professional odor removal can take care of these.

Odor removal does just that: it removes bad smells from your home. Though you can use them at any point in the year, they’re most needed after your home suffers water damage.

Here are a few helpful odor-removal techniques you can use after mold and water damage.

Leave Bowls of Vinegar Out

One of the easiest ways to treat foul water-damage smells is to leave bowls of vinegar out and about.

Vinegar is extremely acidic. Moreover, as such, its high-acidity molecules will neutralize bad smells. Leave the bowls out for a couple of days and let them work their magic. To do this, add about two cups of vinegar to each bowl.

Boil Some Lemons

Like vinegar, lemons can also be useful around your home after dealing with mold and water damage. To utilize this trick, go ahead and boil a few lemons in a pan. Once you boil them, leave them in the affected room until they absorb the foul odors.

This may be a preferred option for homeowners who prefer the scent of lemon in their homes to vinegar.

Leave Some Clean Kitty Litter Out

The design of kitty litter is to trap bad odors. So if you are looking for easy ways to trap foul smells, then leave some clean kitty litter out. Over time, it will start absorbing the foul smells so your home smells fresher.

Just make sure that this isn’t an area your cat will go to the bathroom in. The last thing you need is for them to think they have a new bathroom spot!

Hire an Odor Removal Technician

Though the other techniques can work, you may want something a little less time-consuming. One surefire way to get rid of foul smells fast is to hire an odor removal technician.

After water and mold damage, your technician will use cleaning solutions to remove smells that have buried themselves in your walls and fabric. The cleaning methods are proven to be effective, giving you peace of mind when using them.

Hiring a technician is one of the easiest ways to guarantee that your home smells fresh. Plus, at REDi, we also help with mold and water damage. Our company offers a 3-in-1 solution when you’re dealing with musky odors after water and mold damage.

Contact REDi for All Your Water Damage and Odor Removal Needs!

In nearly all cases, water damage will lead to unpleasant smells. As such, if you need water damage repair services, you also need proper odor removal.

Our team here at REDi can provide you with both services at an affordable rate. Our services are reliable and are highly recommended within the Santa Rosa area. Call us today at (707) 566-0315 to set up an appointment.

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