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Mold is a naturally occurring fungus that serves a purpose in the natural world: to help the decomposition of dead plants and animal matter. However, in your home or place of business, mold is an unwanted guest. Mold thrives in humid, dark, and moist environments, and most commonly happens after recent water damage issues. When mold becomes a problem on your property, call a mold remediation expert, you might be facing thousands of dollars in further damage if the problem goes untreated. Plus there are numerous health risks and hazards associated with many species of mold.

Unfortunately, mold can go untreated for an extended period, spreading behind hidden areas in your home or business. Therefore, early mold inspection services are the best way to detect mold on your property. If REDi mold inspection experts find mold on your property, we can begin our detailed mold removal and remediation process. Since mold spores move fast and can travel through air ventilation systems, expedited intervention is paramount, preferably within a 48-72hr window.

That’s why REDi 24/7 emergency mold remediation services for your home or business are here for you anytime


Mold Basics 101

Mold growths on your property can be caused by any number of factors, usually after recent water damage problems. Even minor water damage can lead to mold colonies in your home if proper measures are not taken. Tackling water damage issues ASAP with the help of trained professionals from REDi is the best way to avoid mold invasions in the first place.

However, other factors can lead to mold infestation on your property, including poor or dirty HVAC systems. Dirty HVACs encourage mold spores to circulate throughout your home. Investing in regular air duct cleanings is another measure property owners can take to reduce the chances of mold growth on their property.


Do Not Attempt DIY Mold Removal

Removing mold on your own is not a DIY task. First of all, there are many dangers of coming into contact with mold spores. Second, it takes the right training, knowledge, and industrial equipment to accurately remove and remediate a mold colony.


Health Hazards to Be Aware Of

While some molds are harmless, it takes professional mold testing and analysis to determine the species and type of a mold colony. Therefore, all mold found in your home or business should be reported to REDi mold remediation experts immediately. Molds can pose many significant threats to your health and well-being, even in individuals without pre-existing health conditions or compromised immune systems. Nobody is immune to the health hazards associated with mold.

Black mold is what most people have heard about and fear. However, many other types of mold are pathogenic, toxigenic, and allergenic, and can also cause serious health ramifications. Mold spores can produce allergy-like symptoms in exposed individuals. Symptoms might range from mild sore throat, headache, breathing issues, watery eyes, stuffy nose, and chest pains to severe and life-threatening concerns. In some cases, death can be the result of serious mold exposure.

If you suspect mold is present in your home and are suffering any unusual symptoms, it’s best to seek medical attention and contact a mold inspection team. Avoiding any additional exposure to potential mold in your home is best. 


Mold Removal & Mold Remediation Services

At REDi, our mold remediation services are streamlined to ensure all aspects of possible mold issues have been addressed. We don’t just remove current mold colonies; we also ensure measures are in place to prevent future mold growth. After inspection of your property to determine the presence of mold as well as its species, we create our action plan. We isolate the areas where mold is present, remove active mold colonies, purify the air, clean and wipe down the areas, dry everything out, and disinfect the entire premises. We even test for the presence of mold after our services are complete to ensure no remaining spores are present in the air or on surfaces on your property.

REDi Professionals

Nobody should have to live with dangerous, harmful, and damaging mold colonies on their property. With REDi, you can always be prepared with our 24/7 mold remediation services. REDi works with property owners of both residential and commercial properties to tackle their mold problems ASAP! Learn more about us today and give us a call to get started with your restoration needs!

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