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Why do you need a mold inspection. Mold is a fungus that can spread quickly on your residential or commercial property. When mold invades your property, it can cause extensive damage within a short period. Furthermore, mold spores can pose numerous health hazards and concerns for your loved ones, employees, customers, and even beloved pets.

Usually, mold thrives in humid, moist, and dark environments and most commonly occurs after recent water damage or flooding. However, there are many different types and species of mold fungus, many of which might already be present in your home waiting for the right circumstances to spread their colonies. Therefore, detecting a mold problem early, before it leads to more significant issues, is instrumental; it is often hidden from the human eye behind walls or ceilings.

That’s why REDi 24/7 emergency mold inspection services for your local home or business are here for you anytime!

If you suspect that mold spores might be present on your property, it’s best to give us a call before the problem escalates. Our mold inspection team is quick and responsive. When you call, we’ll jump into action, gathering resources to inspect your property for all types, species, and degrees of mold infestations. Using specialized equipment along with certified and trained professional technicians, REDi can determine if mold is present on your property. If we detect mold, we then begin our mold remediation and removal procedures to ensure your property is 100% mold-free.

For your health and wellbeing, trust REDi to locate any mold on your property fast!


The Dangers of Mold Growths on Your Property

There are many reasons that mold can pose a threat to your property. Even though not all types of mold are dangerous to your health, they can still create other issues that cost thousands in damage. If you suspect there is mold on your property, hiring an inspection team is a good idea to alleviate any further damage. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Some molds are truly harmless when it comes to health concerns. However, an untrained professional can’t know whether a given mold species is harmful or not. Even professionals often test molds in a lab setting to fully identify which species they belong to. Therefore, any mold in your home should be treated as a significant threat to your health and wellbeing and reported immediately.

While black mold is the mold many people fear, other types of mold are just as harmful to your health. Molds can be toxigenic, allergenic, or pathogenic, but any mold spores can cause allergy-like symptoms in individuals with exposure. Symptoms of contact with mold might include dry or watery eyes, sore throat, trouble breathing, stuffy nose, headaches, or chest pains.

If you suspect mold is present in your home and are suffering any unusual symptoms, it’s best to seek medical attention as well as contact a mold inspection team. Long-term exposure to mold that goes untreated on your property can lead to life-threatening illness and death.

On another note, mold can cause structural damage to your property. If mold is present around your home’s foundation, it can weaken the integrity of your entire structure. Wooden foundations are particularly at risk since they grow mold with extreme moisture levels. Furthermore, mold encourages pests and other vermin to burrow into your property, creating even bigger issues down the road.

There are a few indicators that mold might be present on your property. These signs should be your red flags to contact a professional mold inspection team right away, even if you don’t see any visible signs of mold.

First, there is the smell many molds emit. It is a distinct musty odor that is hard to locate. Usually, dark and moist areas will have this smell. Furthermore, if you recently had issues with water damage in tandem with persistent musty odors, then mold might be an issue to look out for.

Any dark discoloration or fuzziness on surfaces in your home is likely to be linked to mold growth. Therefore, it’s best to leave your property and contact REDi’s mold inspection services.

At REDi, our mold inspection services are streamlined to ensure all aspects of possible mold issues have been addressed. We detect the type of mold present on your property, all areas where it is located, its species, and any problems caused by mold growth. Then we create a specific action plan to remediate and remove mold growths from your property as needed. We employ mold testing, surface testing, and air testing procedures to detect the presence of mold in your home.

Before we can move on to more precise testing measures, we begin with basic mold testing procedures. Since mold is not always visible to the human eye, often growing behind walls, ceilings, or hidden recesses, we must use detailed mold testing measures. By using specialized equipment and protective gear, we can determine if mold is present in hidden areas of your home, as well as test potential mold growths located on the surfaces of your home.

Since mold spores can be airborne and even travel through HVAC systems, we also need to test your property’s air quality. This helps us create the right remediation plan if mold spores are detected. We will collect air samples to analyze from all areas of your property. If the mold tests are positive, we know that additional mold removal and remediation measures will be required. We can also clean out your HVAC systems to remove spores to prevent future issues.

Direct surface testing rules out other possibilities, determine the type of mold present, and helps our mold experts better prepare for remediation if needed.

REDi Professionals

If you suspect mold is present in your home, you don’t have to live in fear. Instead, contact the REDi mold inspection professionals for 24/7 mold inspection services. We work with both residential and commercial properties to determine the presence and locations of mold on your property and act fast to remediate the problem. Learn more about us today and give us a call to get started with your restoration needs!

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