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Living with a hoarder or suffering from a compulsive hoarding disorder can become crippling in several ways. Compulsive hoarding affects more than just the individual diagnosed with the condition. As an extension, a hoarding problem affects the family and loved ones as well. Furthermore, hoarding is more than a psychological illness; it’s also a dangerous situation for all involved. Hazardous living situations including extreme clutter and the presence of numerous biohazards usually occur. As a result, professional hoarding cleanup services are an important resource for individuals and families of compulsive hoarders.

REDi’s specialty cleaning services can help. Our expert technicians are always ready to clear out a hoarding environment. Our hoarding cleanup services are comprehensive and available for both commercial and residential settings of all types. We work fast to ensure all clutter, as well as biohazards, are removed, cleaned, and disinfected for your health and wellbeing.

Whether you or someone you love suffers from compulsive hoarding, don’t wait to get the help you deserve. Contact REDi today to learn more and get your free consultation process started. You can also visit our website anytime to learn more about all of our affordable specialty cleaning services.


Compulsive Hoarding Crash Course

Compulsive hoarding is more than just accumulating too many personal belongings. It’s characterized by a severe overaccumulation of clutter, often useless junk. In many cases, these items are not functional and could even be hazardous or detrimental to the wellbeing of the hoarder. Hoarders might also collect rotting food, dead animals, or other hazardous materials. Therefore, the living space of a hoarder quickly becomes unsafe, uninhabitable, and a severe health risk. At that point, in-depth cleaning, decluttering, and disinfection from a properly certified and trained specialty cleaning team are required to eliminate these dangers successfully.


Hoarding Dangers and Hazards

As mentioned above, there are many hazards and dangers associated with a compulsive hoarding disorder. An out-of-control hoarding condition can lead to exits being blocked, causing fire hazards or trapping individuals in a home at risk of collapse. Structural issues are not uncommon with hoarding properties. Furthermore, fires and other issues can become even more dangerous due to the high accumulation of clutter on a hoarding property.

In terms of cleanliness, many hoarding homes have never been cleaned or have gone many years without cleaning procedures. Insects and rodent problems are usually seen. Severe illness is not uncommon in these environments, including lung conditions, heart conditions, allergies, and severe asthma issues.


Hoarding Cleanup Services

If you or someone you love who suffers from compulsive hoarding, REDi’s specialty hoarding cleanup services can help. Hoarding cleanup is a complex process, as many individuals have a hard time committing to the process. The support of family or friends is vital during this stage, and we welcome families’ guidance in the lives of those suffering from hoarding. We take the burden off of your shoulders and help expedite the cleaning process to return your property to a safe and healthy living environment.


Hoarding Cleanup Services

At REDi, we take a compassionate approach to help compulsive hoarders transform their lives. When you contact us, we set up an initial consultation process to meet with you and discuss your needs in depth. We work with your budget, setting affordable prices that save families money while ensuring they get the respectful service they deserve.

Our process is a detailed and comprehensive approach to eliminating all biohazards as well as clutter present on a property. Since each situation is unique, we begin with a detailed inspection where we take note of present problems, and issues and gain an idea of the scale of the necessary cleanup. Then we bring in our professionally trained and certified expert specialty cleaners. After carefully removing excess clutter, we begin remediation, restoration, and sanitation efforts as needed. While this can be a time-consuming process, we work fast to help compulsive hoarders focus on the future ahead of them.

When we have finished our hoarding cleanup process, we meet with families and their loved ones to go over what we have achieved. Now that your property is free from hazardous exposure and dangerous clutter, we ensure the total transformation is complete with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Furthermore, REDi’s specialty cleaning team is always respectful, compassionate, and discreet during our cleaning services. We truly care about the safety, health, and wellbeing of every family we can help.

REDi Professionals

Compulsive hoarding is a delicate and difficult disorder to battle, but REDi can help. We want to work closely with families suffering from the condition to help them transform their environment and their lives. When you need hoarding cleanup services, call the professionals at REDi. We are eager and ready to help! You can also learn more about all of our services on our website today. Contact us anytime to get started with your free consultation!

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