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If your home was damaged in a flood, proper flood damage restoration can help return it to normal.

Flood Damage Restoration: Beyond Water Removal to Full Home Recovery

Flood Damage Restoration: Beyond Water Removal to Full Home Recovery

When your home is damaged by a flood, the first thing you’re likely thinking about is the damage. Can your belongings be saved? When will it be safe to return? These are questions that a professional flood damage restoration company can answer.

What Does Flood Damage Restoration Include?

At its most basic definition, flood damage restoration includes removing standing water from your home and then disinfecting the area. However, the process is a lot more involved than this.

Flood restoration includes removing any wet materials, including drywall and floorboards. After a flood, it’s not enough to simply remove the water. Instead, you need to remove anything that’s been damaged. Otherwise, you run the risk of developing mold.

Once the damaged items are removed and replaced, your flood restoration tech will also work to dry the area. This is done to not only combat mold growth but speed up the process so you can return home. Generally speaking, the drying process takes the longest. Depending on the severity of the damage, it can take a few weeks to complete.

Can My Items be Saved in a Flood?

The answer is that it depends. Upholstered items are typically not as easy to save in a flood because the water seeps down into the fibers. This could create mold growth from the inside out.

Other items, like wood and paper products, may also be difficult to save. However, that’s not to say this is a hard and fast rule. If you catch damage on any of these items early enough, they may be salvageable by cleaning and drying them promptly.

The best rule of thumb is that if the item has already developed mold and smells musky, it should be thrown out. If it doesn’t, it can more than likely be saved.

When Can I Return to My Home After a Flood?

Again, this answer will depend on several factors, like how many rooms were affected by the flood. The more rooms that were affected, the longer the remediation process will take. Likewise, it depends on the severity of the damage itself.

After scheduling a flood damage restoration appointment, your tech will assess the damage. Once they do, they can give you a better timeframe for when you can return home. Generally speaking, you can return home in a week or so.

Keep in mind that you should not re-enter your home until you are told it is safe to do so. Floodwaters are considered to be the most toxic form of water damage. Any exposure can lead to gastrointestinal issues and respiratory problems.

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Sometimes, you can do everything right and your home will still fall victim to a flood. Though floods are not preventable, sitting with the damage is. If your home experiences any sort of flood damage, call the team at REDi.

As our name suggests, we come ready to tackle flood damage restoration. We will work to get your home back in tip-top shape. Contact us today at (707) 566-0315 to set up an appointment.

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