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The carpeting in your home can add comfort, value, and functionality to any living space. Even in a place of business, carpeting is a wise investment for making a positive impression on your customers. However, keeping your carpets clean all by yourself can sometimes become an overwhelming task. Luckily, REDi is here to help with carpet cleaning services you can rely on.

When your carpets become dirty or lackluster, you need a detailed carpet cleaning service. Carpet cleaning professionals can remove dirt that builds up within carpet fibers, eliminate the presence of allergens, and even treat staining, discoloration, and threadbare spots. For all your carpeting needs, it’s best to get in touch with a professional carpet service to ensure the job is done right the first time without harsh and dangerous chemical residues.

That’s why REDi’s carpet cleaning services for your home or business are ready to help whenever your carpets need some serious TLC. Visit our website today to learn about all of our comprehensive and affordable services.


The Basics Behind Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Let’s get down to some of the basics behind professional carpet cleaning services for your home or business. As we mentioned, daily carpet cleaning is important for any property to stay in prime condition. However, it’s even more important to regularly invest in a deeper carpet cleaning procedure that can do more than everyday vacuuming or sweeping.

Carpet cleaning is an essential aspect of maintaining an overall healthy household. Why? Your carpets can quickly accumulate dust, dirt, allergens, pet dander, fur, and other particles in their fibers. While regular vacuuming removes some of these particles, even the fanciest vacuums can’t get deep within fibers to eliminate the presence of all particles. 

If you have pets or small children, keeping up with the debris and particles in your carpets becomes an even more challenging task. High-traffic areas can cause particles to become embedded even more deeply in carpet fibers. As a result, calling a carpet cleaning professional is necessary to freshen up your living space fast.


When To Get Your Carpets Cleaned

Determining when you are due for a carpet cleaning depends on several factors. Consider how much traffic your carpets see, as well as who has access to them. For instance, a carpeted living room that everyone in your family spends time in every day, including your two dogs, probably will need cleaning more often than your personal office space. However, as a rule of thumb, it’s best to have your carpeting cleaned semi-annually for homeowners, and usually more often for business owners. Talking with your REDi carpet cleaning professional is the best way to set up a cleaning schedule that is optimal for your needs


Carpet Cleaning Services

If it’s time for your carpets to get some TLC at your home or business, REDi can help. Our carpet cleaning professionals are always ready to step in with our detailed and comprehensive process for carpet cleaning. We can even help with specific issues like staining, odor control, or carpeting with longer fiber lengths. We specialize in working with carpets of all styles, colors, and patterns, guaranteeing we can get the job done right the first time and efficiently. Here is a closer look at REDi’s carpet cleaning process.

When you reach out to REDi’s carpet cleaning experts, we will begin our carpet cleaning process. While our process remains virtually the same for every carpet we treat, we do conduct an initial inspection to ensure we address any concerns you may have. Then we create a plan that is tailored to your concerns, such as removing pet stains and odors or dealing with discoloration.

Next, we use larger vacuums and sweepers to deeply remove initial layers of dirt, crumbs, dust, and other particles from your carpeting. This stops us from oversaturating the carpets later in the cleaning process. 

After that, a spray treatment is applied to your carpeting using chemical-free solutions that don’t leave harmful residues behind. Our cleaning methods use pet- and child-safe solutions to clean in between carpet fibers. Stain removal efforts and solutions might also be required, depending on the condition of your carpeting.

Then our team will use specialized brush equipment to gently agitate the carpeting. This process loosens remaining or stuck particles between carpet fibers.

After this, we will extract the sprayed-on and agitated solutions from your carpets. At the same time, this removes dirt and other allergens which were hiding in the fibers of your carpeting, leaving them clean and refreshed.

Finally, we dry out your carpets entirely, leaving behind no cleaning solution or water molecules. This step is important to ensure your carpets don’t harbor or grow mold and mildew spores. Then we use grooming tools to gently comb your carpeting, leaving it neat, clean, and sanitized for your well-being.

REDi Professionals

When it comes to living with truly clean carpeting, we are ready to help at REDi. We work with property owners, realtors, homeowners, apartment complex owners, and business owners of all types to provide fast, reliable, and affordable carpet cleaning. Learn more about us today and give us a call to get started with your restoration needs!

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