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When you have burst pipes, sewage backups, toilet overflow, and water heater leaks, it can impact your property at any time without warning. These unwanted disturbances can lead to severe water damage issues that require detailed restoration efforts and cost you valuable money. Although these issues may seem minor, they can cause a lot of damage in a short time.

Furthermore, they can lead to additional water damage problems or lead to harmful mold infestations that take over your home. That’s why it’s crucial to act fast when you suffer from burst pipes or other plumbing issues on your property. 

When it comes to burst pipe repair and restoration services, specialized efforts are necessary to tackle all aspects of the issue at hand. REDi can help with our step-by-step burst pipe restoration processes that avoid further water damage. We only employ highly trained and certified technicians who can create unique action plans for your particular damage issues.

Not only do our experts fix the initial problem, but they also ensure all excess water has been extracted from the affected area. Afterward, they dry out your property, clean and sanitize, and ensure no further issues are present.

Don’t become the victim of severe burst pipes or other related plumbing issues; instead, stay ready with REDi today!


Burst Pipes: The Basics

Burst pipes can occur on your property due to a variety of factors. Sometimes multiple factors combine to cause extensive pressure on plumbing systems, leading to bursting, overflow, or leaks.

The Causes of Burst Pipes & Related Plumbing Issues

Let’s examine some of the most common causes of pipes bursting on residential and commercial properties.

One of the main causes of pipe bursts is sudden shifts in temperature, especially during the colder winter months. When pipes are left exposed to dangerously freezing temperatures without a steady water stream running, they can freeze. Then as the weather warms they expand, causing cracks in plumbing systems. Sometimes this creates leaks, but other times pressure builds up and causes pipes to suddenly burst.

Leaving a steady drip of water running during extremely cold times is a good idea to reduce the risk of pipes bursting. Also, maintain a proper level of heat in your home during the winter months, even when you are out of town. These measures can help alleviate the chances of you coming home to a very unwelcome surprise.

Soil erosion or natural shifting of soil over time can also cause pressure to build up against plumbing systems. Keeping up on regular landscaping and maintenance is one way to reduce the chances of soil erosion causing pipes to burst. Furthermore, properties which have recently undergone construction projects could be more vulnerable to sudden soil shifting. Lastly, keeping tree roots systems trimmed properly can reduce the chances of roots putting excessive pressure on pipes, causing them to leak, crack, or burst suddenly.

Clogs are one of the main reasons that pipes burst. They also cause toilet overflows and backups and sewage system backups that are more extensive. Home and business owners should ensure proper disposal of waste items to avoid these plumbing disasters.

Proper disposal of paper products and kitchen substances can help avoid these clogs, overflows, and backups. Never flush items down the toilet other than toilet-safe tissues or wipes. For example, most face tissues, feminine products, and baby wipes are not flushable and should be thrown away.

Furthermore, kitchen sinks can become clogged with excessive food waste and grease dumped down the drain. Even your hair in the shower can eventually build up, leading to clogs in plumbing lines.

Staying on top of plumbing maintenance and household cleaning are critical to avoid overflows, sewage backups, and clogs of all types.

Next, appliance leaks and malfunctions can cause extensive damage to your property. Even newer appliances can have unforeseen issues that lead to leaks. Sometimes these leaks cause damage for a long time before it becomes visible, which means water damage might be more than just surface level. Regular inspections of your dishwasher, water heater, freezer, and refrigerator is a wise investment to avoid bigger problems down the road.

Finally, the natural aging of pipes and plumbing systems can lead to corrosion, leaks, cracks, and wear and tear. Eventually, this can cause pipes to leak or burst, sewage backups to occur, and toilets to overflow on your property. Even important systems like water heaters can leak with natural aging. That’s why it’s critical to stay on top of plumbing inspections and replace old appliances or piping as recommended by professionals.


Plumbing and Burst Pipe Restoration Services

When water damage due to burst pipes, toilet overflows, water heater leaks, or other plumbing issues such as sewage backup happens on your property, don’t hesitate. First, turn off the water supply source to stop further damage or leaking. Then, reach out to our professional technicians at REDi. Our burst pipe and sewage backup team can act fast to stop further damage in its tracks. We not only resolve the initial issue, but we also clean up, dry out, remediate mold damage, and sanitize your property from top to bottom, remediating damage and stopping future issues from occurring. Using specialized industrial equipment, your REDi team can help you reclaim your residential or commercial property from all degrees of plumbing or burst pipe damage fast!

REDi Professionals

If you have recently suffered from a plumbing issue that caused water damage on your property, such as a sewage backup, water heater leak, plumbing system leak, or toilet overflow, we can help! The professional team at REDi is always ready to help, with 24/7 emergency services guaranteeing you a quick response after your call. For your custom action plan, we are here to help home and business owners anytime. Learn more about us today and give us a call to get started with your restoration needs now!

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