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Area rugs and oriental rugs are a great way to add color, style, and plush comfort to any room in your home. However, area rugs require precise cleaning with the help of professional area rug cleaning services. Many homeowners keep up on cleaning the flooring in their homes but overlook their area rugs, which can cause them to become faded, dingy, and dirty. Business owners also require regular area rug cleanings to keep their property looking sharp. We can help at REDi.

Detailed area rug cleaning services from REDi can remove years’ worth of dirt fast. We work by treating each area rug with precision and care attuned to the pattern, colors and fiber length as well as materials used to protect your rugs. We also employ stain removal techniques that eliminate odors and stains, including pet stains. Professional services are the best option when it comes to cleaning your area rugs to reduce the chances of further damage, discoloration, or the use of harmful chemicals.

REDi’s rug cleaning services for your home or business are ready to help whenever you need a cleaning. Visit our website today to learn about all of our comprehensive and affordable services.


The Basics Behind Professional Rug Cleaning Services

Keeping your area rugs clean is important for appearances and health reasons on your residential or commercial property. Did you know that dirty carpets and area rugs can contribute to poor overall air quality? Everyday vacuuming, sweeping, and home shampooing kits can only go so far in maintaining a clean area rug. Furthermore, area rugs are more delicate than built-in carpeting, so they need precise care and attention to detail for proper cleaning methods.

Therefore, professional rug cleaning is an essential aspect of keeping a healthy and tidy space. As rugs accumulate dust, pet dander, fur, dirt, grass particles, crumbs, and other particles, they become breeding grounds for dangerous bacteria and viruses. Even mold spores can lurk within rug fibers, waiting for the right circumstances to spread or begin a colony. Regular vacuuming only goes so far in removing some of these particles.

Additionally, it’s easy for homeowners to inadvertently end up creating more damage to their area rugs with improper cleaning solutions. Discoloring, barren patches, and tattered edges might all occur after years of improper cleaning techniques. Therefore, the clear choice is to contact REDi for area rug cleaning when your rugs need some TLC.


Rug Cleaning Services

Area rugs require professional attention to detail for proper cleaning. Some of the factors we look for when we clean your area rugs include the type of materials and fiber length, where the rugs are located in your home, and style and pattern details. Color, for instance, plays an important role in how we clean each area rug to avoid fading, discoloration, or bleaching. Even the origin of each rug can be an important factor to consider.

REDi’s area rug cleaning process is a streamlined, step-by-step approach to thoroughly cleaning your area rugs without causing damage to your delicate investments. Here is the general layout of our area rug cleaning process; this might further be tailored to your special needs for services like pet odor and stain control.

The first step in our process is to inspect your area rug(s) and relocate them to a facility for cleaning protocols. This ensures no damage occurs to your rugs or other surfaces in your household.
Then we begin an initial spraying and soaking process to eliminate large amounts of soiling on your area rugs. We gently immerse your area rugs in safe, residue-free solutions which quickly break off dirt and other deeply embedded particles to freshen them right away.
After that, we proceed with gentle agitation and shampooing methods to remove more stubborn and set-in dirt. Using a delicate rinse cycle, we wash away all accumulated grime and cleaning solutions remaining.
Next, we begin the extraction process with further light agitation and specialized industrial machines to wick away moisture. The drying process is an integral part of proper rug cleaning, as it ensures mold and mildew do not become an issue in the future.

Finally, we inspect your area rug(s) to ensure that the job was done properly. Then we return them to your home. If you are ever unhappy with your service, just let us know and we will do it again for free.

REDi Professionals

When it comes to living with truly clean carpeting, we are ready to help at REDi. We work with property owners, realtors, homeowners, apartment complex owners, and business owners of all types to provide fast, reliable, and affordable carpet cleaning. Learn more about us today and give us a call to get started with your restoration needs!

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