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If your home recently experienced water damage, call a mold remediation company as soon as possible.

10 Reasons Why You Need to Call a Mold Remediation Company ASAP

10 Reasons Why You Need to Call a Mold Remediation Company ASAP

Uh-oh! If you landed on this page, it must mean that you recently found mold. Mold is a tricky thing to deal with. As such, you need to hire someone. Here are 10 reasons why you need to call a mold remediation company:

1. You Can’t Reach It

Mold is often the result of water damage. Depending on where the leak was, you may have mold in your closet or crawl space. Not only is mold in these areas hard to reach, but those spots are just as hard to clean – but not for a professional!

2. You’re Coughing…a Lot

Are you coughing a lot? Sneezing? These symptoms may be a sign of a cold. However, they could also be a sign of mold growth.

If your symptoms cease when you step outside but start back up in the house, it’s likely mold.

3. You Have a Baby

Everyone is susceptible to mold allergies, but babies are especially sensitive. In many cases, babies exposed to mold can suffer from asthma and gastrointestinal issues.

If you notice vomiting or diarrhea after suffering water damage, call a mold remediation company ASAP.

4. It’s Too Big to Clean Yourself

Everyone gets a little bit of black mold in their shower. While annoying, small areas of mold can be easy to deal with.

If the mold has spread throughout the room or onto furniture and walls, though, you need help from a professional. They can analyze the severity of the damage. Once they do, they will use the proper cleaning method to treat the mold.

This brings us to our next point, which is…

5. Household Cleaners Do Not Work

Have you tried vinegar and bleach to no avail? If so, it’s time to call a mold remediation professional.

Household cleaners are usually not strong enough to treat mold past a surface level. Hiring a professional is the only way to get a deep, thorough clean.

6. You Don’t Want It to Spread

If you have mold in one area of your house, you may be scared of it spreading elsewhere. By hiring a professional, you can keep the mold contained in one area and learn preventative techniques to combat further growth.

7. Your Home Smells Bad

Mold has a notorious odor. It is often described as being very stale and musty. Over time, our noses adjust to foul odors in our homes.

If you recently went away on vacation and noticed a funky smell in your home upon your return, it might be mold.

8. You Want to Know What’s Causing the Mold

Mold remediation professionals aren’t just looking for mold. They’re also looking to identify the source of the mold. After all, if they don’t know the source, they’re just putting a band-aid on the growth. In other words, they’re not fixing the mold; they’re only treating it.

By hiring a professional, you can find out what caused the mold. This may have been clogged gutters or a burst pipe behind the wall. By finding this out, you can get it fixed so you don’t run into mold growth down the line.

9. You Don’t Have the Right Equipment

Another benefit of hiring a mold remediation company is that they possess the proper equipment. Mold is dangerous to be around. As such, you may not have the proper gear to treat it yourself.

A professional will have protective equipment to treat the mold safely.

10. You Don’t Want to Deal with It

Last but not least, one of the best reasons to hire a professional is because you simply don’t want to deal with it – and we get that! Sometimes the job is just too big or you’re too busy. If you need a little help to treat mold, we can help!

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